Children with Prothesis

It goes without saying that it’s a tragedy when a child suffers an incident or a disease resulting in the loss of an eye. The emotional trauma for the child can be severe, but more often then not the parents are the ones suffering the most. Children often adjust incredibly quickly to their new situation, curiously looking forward to receiving their new eye. Naturally, a certain nervousness and excitement accompanies the first appointment at our clinic, but we hope this information can somewhat help defuse the situation.

Creating a custom-made ocular prosthesis for a child is most certainly a teamwork, and it is important that we are all striving to reach the same goal – for the child to receive as good a prosthesis as possible. Just as important is for the child to feel at home, safe, and relaxed in our environment. We will do our very best to achieve this, by letting the children be just that – children – when visiting us.               

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